Green Diamond Abrasive

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green diamond blasting abrasive

Green Diamond Nickel Slag

  • Used as replacement for silica sand
  • Low cost effective alternative to garnet in wet blasting applications
  • Contains no free silica, does not absorb moisture, and fast cutting
  • Water washed rather than air washed
  • Less dusty than silica sand and coal slag
  • Green Diamond Sand blasting abrasives have a dust suppressant to aid with visibility when blasting
  • Alternative to coal slag, copper slag, staurolite, and silica sands/river sand

Standard Abrasive Sizes
Available in a wide range of sizes. See size options and uses below.

Green Diamond 1636

Anchor Profile (MIL): 3.5 to 5+

Uses: Structural steel, aggregate exposure

Green Diamond 1650

Anchor Profile (MIL): 3 to 4

Uses: Utility preparation, structural steel, tanks. Utility grade with increased particle count

Green Diamond 2050

Anchor Profile (MIL): 2.5 to 4

Uses: Mill scale, paint, rust, bridges

Green Diamond 30x50

Anchor Profile (MIL): 1.5 to 3

Uses: Ships/tanks, bridges, aluminum, stainless steel

Green Diamond 3060

Anchor Profile (MIL): 1.5 to 2

Uses: Vapor/water blast, blast cabinets, feathering, aluminum, stainless, powder coating

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