Garnet Blasting Media

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Garnet blasting media
garnet blasting media

Garnet Blast Media

Garnet blasting media is 2 to 4 times harder and up to 2 times heavier than abrasives like crushed glass, coal slag, and staurolite.

  • Hard, angular, and cuts quickly
  • Non-ferrous and contains less than 1%  free silica
  • Cleans substrates uniformly improving both coating adhesion and coating life
  • Used for waterjet cutting

Standard Abrasive Sizes
A variety available (please contact us for specific sizes)

Garnet Blasting Applications:

  • Surface Cleaning
  • Surface Finishing
  • Waterjet Cutting
  • Deburring
  • Outdoor Blasting
  • Rust & Mill Scale Removal

Need help deciding which sandblasting media to use? View this Blast Media chart to find the most effective media for your application!

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