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steel grit blasting media

Steel Grit Blasting Media

Steel grit blasting media is offered in multiple sizes and hardnesses for use in wheel blasters, blast pots, and blast cabinets. These medias are utilized to produce a range of surface profiles, anchor patterns, SSPC-SP finishes, peening requirements and specific mil profiles.

Our virgin material is produced in North America and has been used for decades with hundreds of applications. These specific types of medias are produced under an ISO certified process and are carefully screened and sized to fit a SAE J 444 sieve analysis, and a SAE J827 shot/ J1993 grit chemical analysis. The primary benefits of Steel Grit is that it produces little dust, is waste reducing, and can be used typically in hundreds of cycles compared to mineral, bio-based, and man-made abrasives.

Steel Grit Blasting Applications:

  • Surface Cleaning
  • Surface Finishing
  • Etching

Need help deciding which sandblasting media to use? View this Blast Media chart to find the most effective media for your application!

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