Black Beauty Blasting Media

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Coal Slag blasting media

Coal Slag Blasting Media

Black Beauty blasting media is a coal slag abrasive that has low moisture and can be used in standard blasting equipment. This particular coal slag is a fast cutting abrasive because of its sharp angular edges. It is also non-metallic, and chemically inert.

Black Beauty has a low dust count and low free-silica. This coal slag leads the industry for quality and performance for abrasive blasting. It removes paint, rust, and comes in a variety of sizes to reach various mil profiles and SSPC-SP finishes. Black Beauty is an economical abrasive that works as a good alternative to silica and river sand.

Standard Abrasive Sizes
All blends available upon request

Black Beauty Platinum

Black Beauty Platinum is a new slag abrasive made from high quality calcium iron silicate. This media provides an ehanced cutting performance, lower dust and has a higher durability rate than traditional slags.

Standard Abrasive Sizes
Available in ultra fine, fine and medium abrasive sizes.

Coal Slag Blasting Applications:

  • Surface Cleaning
  • Outdoor Blasting
  • Rust & Mill Scale Removal

Need help deciding which sandblasting media to use? View this Blast Media chart to find the most effective media for your application!

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