Medical Manufacturing

Metal Finishing Solutions for Medical Manufacturing

Metal Finishing Solutions for Orthopedics, Implants, Surgical Instruments, Bone Plates, Bone Screws, and Other Medical Components

knee joint surface finishing

Engineered & Proven Solutions

Midvale Industries specializes in providing engineered metal finishing solutions that go through rigorous testing and evaluation. Our goal is to improve overall processes and provide quality results. For all projects, we consider all aspects to a production including floor space, facility and process flow, parts handling, finishing specifications, healthy and safety concers.

Finishing solutions for a variety of medical parts and components including, but not limited to:

  • Dental Implants
  • Knee and Hip Implants
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Bone Plates
  • Bone Screws
  • And More


Our team specializes in developing process solutions for metal finishing applications. Equipment and supplies designed to prepare, finish, clean, or coat a surface.

hip implant surface finishing

Abrasive Blasting

Robotic, automated, and manual solutions for air or wet blasting. High quality blast media suited for prestine finishes.

Mass Finishing

We offer a variety of mass finishing solutions for any size batch, large or small. Vibratory bowls, tubs, centrifugal barrels, tumbling media and more.

Parts Cleaning

Meet strict cleaning requirements with our combination of quality equipment and cleaning chemistry.

Safety Equipment

A clean environment is just as important as clean parts. Promote health and safety with wet or dry dust collection, respirators and breathing air filters.

What Problems Can We Solve?

Inconsistent Quality

Automate your process to provide repeatable results.

Slow Production

Quality equipment and media designed specifically for your process can increase production speed.

Health & Safety Concerns

Create a clean work environment with dust collection and filtered breathing air to operators.

Robotic blasting System

Robotics and Automation

Our team has extensive experience with designing and implementing robotic and automated solutions. Whether its parts handling, actual processing or automated fixtures to create a consistent process, we can design it. Robotics are a great way to eliminate bottlenecks, reduce human error and promote worker safety.

automated wet blasting equipment
vibratory finishing
robotic deburring

Our Process


Our team works with your engineers and operators to evaluate your current process discuss any pain points in the operation and determine the overall needs.

Development & Testing

Our engineers will work to develop a full solution to fit the needs of the project. Then run sample parts through full testing of the parameters.


Delivery, install and training for operators of the new equipment and processes. Continued partnership through troubleshooting and assisting with maintenance issues.

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