Modern Aerospace Coating Removal: Protecting People and the Environment

Modern Aerospace Coating Removal: Protecting People and the Environment

b-2 bomber coating removal

Modern Industrial Coating Removal:

Protecting People and the Environment

In the past, industrial brands had limited choices when it came to the products used for their industrial applications. Hazardous working conditions, dangerous chemicals, toxic waste, and environmentally-destructive processes were unfortunate occupational realities. For aerospace and automotive brands, removing paint coatings from metals and sensitive composites once required the use of toxic chemicals or hazardous manual sanding. Cleaning and deflashing parts required the handling and disposal of hazardous chemicals. These applications put both workers and valuable materials at risk.

Today, with advances in technology and a global focus on preserving our planet, companies are no longer forced to utilize these destructive and dangerous processes of the past.

Since 1901, Midvale Industries has been a pioneer for protecting both people and the environment, by leading the creation and evolution of processes to remove coatings, clean parts and increase efficiency in a safe and cost-effective way.

Multiple bio-based, renewable blasting mediums, developed by Midvale Industries and ADM, allow aerospace and automotive brands to quickly remove layers of coatings from sensitive materials or metals, in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. These abrasives, initially developed for military use, are as soft as a human fingernail, are corn starch based, and are a 100% renewable resource.

When utilized as part of an engineered blasting process, this process:

  • Is 8-10 times faster than sanding
  • Preserves component integrity and protects from material fatigue (common with traditional blasting)
  • Eliminates dangerous toxic chemical exposure
  • Eliminates the need for harmful hand-sanding and potential for HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome)
  • Decreases long-term production costs

Even in 1996, before green approaches became a major trend, Midvale was featured as a green solution for removing coatings from the B-2 Bomber, a unique military aircraft made almost entirely of sensitive carbon-graphite composite material.

Clients from coast-to-coast, including the US Navy and the US Coast Guard, utilize Midvale’s environmentally-friendly processes for coating removal, composite tool cleaning or metal bond deflashing projects of all sizes. 

Midvale’s engineers are trained in developing custom, holistic finishing processes and serving as a strategic partner to our clients. In building and refining industrial processes, we search for bottlenecks, possible waste, and potential safety issues, and provide regular inspection reports on equipment and consumables. We offer training and troubleshooting for clients, working to build and streamline processes in the most efficient, cost-effective and safe way. 

120th Anniversary Celebration

120th Anniversary Celebration

120 year anniversary


Midvale Industries Celebrates 120th Anniversary

Saint Louis, MO: Midvale Industries, a leading supplier of industrial process solutions, celebrates our 120th anniversary this year. Midvale began in 1901 as a local foundry and mining supplier, and today offers an expanded offering to clients across the USA, including process solutions for foundry, die casting, aerospace, automotive, medical, metal finishing, manufacturing, painting and other industrial operations.

Midvale has been inventive and ambitious since the turn of the 20th century, by developing brand new products, strategic partnerships and innovative, engineered processes. Midvale offers unparalleled customer service, paired with cutting-edge automated solutions for foundry, aerospace and finishing operations from coast to coast.

“We are thrilled to celebrate our 120th Anniversary this year,” said Midvale’s President, Gregg Kitzelman. “I believe our success is based on our unique mission, which goes beyond the normal customer and supplier relationship. While we provide our clients with innovative industrial supplies and equipment, our team also acts as customer consultants, working with our clients to continually improve how to use those products and equipment in an economical, safe, and efficient way. I’m so proud of Midvale’s success over the last 120 years, driven by our service model and long-lasting customer relationships.”

Today, Midvale offers the highest quality products and unmatched client service. Backed by a team of trained technical representatives, we strive to be strategic partners to our customers, to increase productivity, improve overall quality, and eliminate health & safety concerns for our customers and partners.

Midvale is proud to have over a century of experience serving our clients, and will continue to push the industry forward through our outstanding customer service, advanced automated technology, top products and services, and highly productive and efficient process applications.

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