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address pel limits in the foundry

Ways to Address PEL in the Foundry

Reducing Silica Exposure in Foundries

Are you still using silica sand in your foundry? Permissible Exposure Limits (PEL) are set by OSHA to provide a safe working environment for employees. 

The use of crystalline silica is dangerous for our health. When workers inhale the dust and fumes created by crystalline silica, they are at risk for developing lung cancer, silicosis, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or kidney disease. When you switch to silica free options in your foundry, you are improving the environment for your workers and reducing their risk of disease.

Avoid hefty fines by addressing Permissible Exposure Limits (PEL) set by OSHA within your facility today. Converting to a silica free option within your foundry will go a long way in addressing government PEL regulations. We also offer other opportunities to meet PEL guidelines in your foundry.

Foundry Sand

Improve Casting finish with silica free sand in your mold and core making process. Silica free sands provide a higher quality sand than crystalline silica sands. Silica free sands can also reduce overall energy costs during mold and core making.

Green Diamond Foundry Sand

  • Complies with PEL Limits
  • Green Diamond’s durability is greater than both olivine and western silica sands meaning less breakdown and dust
  • Superior casting finish
  • Can be pre-mulled with clay additives
  • Less chill/pour colder

 GDC Resin Coated Shell Core Sand

  • Address PEL Limits while improving castings & reducing energy costs
  • Cures Up 40% Faster than Traditional Resin Coated Sands
  • Reduced Odor & Smoke
  • Lower Core Box Temperatures
industrial dust collector

Dust Collection Equipment

  • Dust Collection Systems are a key component to keeping your plant safe, operating efficiently, and within PEL Limits
  • Cartridge Style Collection Systems can be more effective & efficient in removing particulates while drastically reducing the time it takes to do maintenance on the equipment
foundry ppe
welding respirator

Personal Respiration Equipment

  • Meets OSHA Standards for Respiratory Protection
  • Offering PAPRs, Apollo Helmets, Bullard Helmets, and More
  • Helmets Available with Climate Control Tubes, Air Conditioners and More
  • Full Packages Available with Helmet Respirator Hose and CPF Filter
  • Note: Respiration equipment is considered PEL compliant only if there are no other viable options to protect workers from silica exposure

Add on options for hearing protection

Talk to our team about reducing silica exposure and meeting PEL guidelines in your foundry

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