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Cast Zinc Shot

How cast zinc shot can save you money in your shot blasting applications.

Cast Zinc Shot, manufactured by Transmet, is a soft metallic shot used for deburring, deflashing, cleaning and surface finishing blast applications on light metals and other non-ferrous parts. Cast Zinc Shot can also be used for rust and scale removal from iron and other ferrous castings/parts as well as cleaning paint and coatings from paint fixtures without causing damage.

Zinc shot safely cleans parts, providing a bright metallic finish without damaging the substrates and leaving the ID numbers, threads, and other details completely intact.

Cost Saving Benefits

  • Lower Shot Usage

    • 12,000+ blast cycle life
    • Lasts 5x longer than steel shot
    • Lasts 1000x longer than aluminum oxide and glass bead
  • Dust Collection & Recycling

    • Due to zinc shot having a longer blasting life, there is up to an 80% reduction in dust created during the blasting process when compared to steel shot (subject to the substrate being blasted)
    • Zinc shot dust is recyclable and can be a revenue source
  • Shot Blast Machine Wear

    • Eliminate the need for wear plates or other processes normally used to reduce machine wear
    • Reduce the need for replacement fixtures and blast wheels
    • Less maintenance time is required
    • Blast wheels still look and perform like new after more than 17,000 hours of blasting
zinc shot
zinc shot

Quality Benefits to Cast Zinc Shot

  • Provides temporary rust prevention after the blasting process
  • Zinc shot does not open porosity or delaminate cast parts
  • No media embedment
  • Converting to cast zinc shot is a smooth transition because cast zinc shot has the same density as steel shot so it works in the same machine with minimal modifications.

Try Cast Zinc Shot in Your Shot Blasting Application

Talk to a technically trained representative about trying our cast zinc shot. We would love to schedule a test for your shot blasting applications. Our team is available to provide you with hands on service.

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