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Midvale offers Hammond Roto-Finish machinery designed for mass finishing ammunition.  Hammond Roto-Finish equipment has been used with calibers of small arms ammunition up to 20 mm, as well as several sizes of ordinance.  Spiratron®, Multi-Pass® and Roto-Max® machines are capable of processing a vast size range of product.

The leading question we are often asked is “How many and how fast?” Our answer to that is “How many and fast would you like?” Hammond Roto-Finish and Midvale Industries have a wide range of machine and finishing processes to meet your needs for mass finishing ammunition. Choose from: Vibratory Batch FinishingVibratory Continuous Finishing or Centrifugal Batch Finishing methods.  Below are videos of the mass finishing process in action, along with a related video on the automated polishing of barrels (another process Midvale and Roto-Finish is familar with).

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