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sandblasting hose

Choosing The Right Size Sandblasting Hose

sandblasting hose

Are you having issues with your sandblasting hose wearing out too quickly?

Then you may be using the wrong size sandblasting hose.

Below is a chart to help choose the proper size blast hose for your needs.
For more information on blast hoses check out our blast hose page here.  Having the incorrect couplers or nozzle holders can also create premature blast hose wear. Check out our blast parts and accessories page to find the appropriate size for your hose and nozzle here.

Types of Sandblasting Hose:

types of sandblasting hose

Sandblasting Pro Tip:

The sandblasting hose I.D. should be 3x to 4x the size of the diameter of the your blast nozzle I.D.

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