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Whether you are new to blasting or have been around for a little while, it’s helpful to the names of the parts of your blast helmet. This will help you when ordering new parts for your helmet and also to understand better what the various components do. To the left is a sample breakdown of an Apollo 600 Blast Helmet (a best seller in the blasting industry). See pdf links below to see labeled parts breakdown of the Apollo 600 blast hood HP and LP models.

Below is also a video animation of the major components of the Apollo 600 helmet, these components are very similar to what are found in other major blast hood manufacturers including Bullard hoods and Nova hoods. Please also see the video overviews for the Bullard GenVX helmet and the Nova 3 Helmet. Each helmet has its pros and cons, factors to consider are helmet weight, comfort, price, cost of lenses and parts, and NIOSH approval.

Apollo 600 HP Helmet (Designed for use with compressed air)
Apollo 600 LP Helmet (Designed for use an ambient air pump)

Bullard GenVX Video

Nova 3 Blast Helmet Video

Clemco Apollo 600 Video

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