Riser Sleeves & Aids

Midvale provides riser sleeves, mini-riser sleeves, and riser aids to improve your casting feeding process.

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Riser Sleeves

riser sleeves

Riser sleeves provide insulation to reduce heat loss from the riser (insulated sleeves), to generate heat to maintain temperature from lost heat (exothermic sleeves), or do both. Sleeves provide consistency by reducing shrinkage and improving overall casting quality. Riser sleeves also reduce labor costs by providing easier riser knock off and a smaller contact area (breaker-cores).

The sleeves we provide to our customers are inspected for consistency in their density, roundness, and wall thickness, ensuring consistency in your process. They are also engineered to be used in all molding systems and molding machines with a variety of sleeve shapes to choose from (straight, necks, downs, domes, and more).

We offer riser sleeves for iron, steel, and nonferrous foundries. Many styles of sleeves are available including insulating and exothermic mixes. See below for types of riser sleeve shapes.

riser sleeves

Straight Sleeves

riser sleeves

Dome Sleeves

riser sleeves

Round Neck Down Sleeves

riser sleeves

Direct Pour Cups

riser sleeves

Breaker Core Inserts

Contact our team of technically trained sales staff to discuss our riser sleeve shapes and sizes. We will make sure you are getting the best sleeve for your casting feeding process.

Mini Riser Sleeve

The Mini Riser is a highly exothermic sand riser that utilizes the relationship between the volume of the casting divided by the surface area, which is referred to as the modulus of the casting. Calculating this modulus will allow the exothermic riser to be positioned at the thickest section of the casting. The thickest section of the casting will be the location of the highest modulus, and the last part to solidify. Because of the high exothermic content, the mini riser insulating sleeve will burn hotter for a longer time and provide a greater feeding capability then a conventional exothermic riser or other exothermic foundry supplies.

-Works hard with no contamination of sand systems
-Even, consistent, prolonged burn rate – burn temperatures exceeding 2900 degrees Fahrenheit
-Many shapes and exothermic insulating sleeve blends and types are available
-Sleeves are designed for optimum feeding conditions, with or without breaker cores, natural, low cope height molding equipment, and more

Riser Aids

Hot toppings can assure total feeding of a casting and reduce shrink defects by protecting your melt from chilling. Insulating and exothermic toppings are available providing consistency on each and every pour. We offer formulation ranging from mildly to highly exothermic. Freedom Foundry Products are premium products that are cost-effective and have been used by foundries all around the country to create value for a fraction of the price of competing products.

-We offer Freedom Hot Toppings and Insulating Compounds

-Insulating Compounds aid in riser efficiency and maximization and are engineered to be highly insulating

-Freedom Hot Toppings prevent costly shrink defects, reduce smoke and offensive odor, and provide superior insulating and exothermic blanket covering that prevents heat loss

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