Wet Blast Equipment

Wet Blasting provides a dustless environment that greatly reduces media embedment to provide smooth, clean surface finishes. Wet blasting is safe on composites and sensitive substrates. Wet blasting preserves the abrasive longer than traditional dry blasting.

Typical applications include peening, etch removal and reaching a required RA surface finish.

Manual Wet Blast Cabinet

Manual wet blasting cabinets are ideal for a facility that will have multiple types of parts needing to pass through a wet blast system. The cabinet can fit and blast many sized parts.

Automated Wet Blast Equipment

Ideal for high capacity requirements that demand volume, speed and ease of use. Innovations such as dual load doors, tumble baskets, heavy duty turntables and more.

Robotic Wet Blast Equipment

Robotics systems are ideal for precision and highly repeatable results on sensitive applications. These systems are fully engineered to meet your blasting process requirements.

Portable Wet Blast Equipment

Portable wet blast systems provide the benefits of an outdoor, mobile blasting unit without the dust created. Midvale carries portable wet blast options from Graco and Clemco.

Vapor Blast Equipment

Vapor blast equipment reduces dust and uses very little water, making containment and cleanup of debris simple.

Wetblast FLEX Equipment

Wetblast FLEX mixes media and water after it leaves the machine. No more cleaning out messy water/media mix.

Abrasive Injector

An economical wet blasting option for those with existing power washing equipment. It can remove coatings from steel and concrete surfaces and be used on rust, paint, stains, and graffiti.

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Are you dealing with sensitive substrates and can’t get your desired surface finish?

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