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green diamond foundry sand

Green Diamond Foundry Sand

Green Diamond is available in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Foundry grade sands. It is the ideal replacement for olivine and silica sands for molding and coremaking. First, it complies with the new proposed PEL limits for silica (it contains no crystalline silica). Secondly, it provides low thermal expansion which reduces the need for cushioning additives or combustibles. Thirdly, it’s tough grain breaks down slowly reducing dust. It’s offered in a wide range of screen distributions as well as special order pre-mulled sands with clay additives to suit your specific requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Typically makes more molds and cores per ton of sand, also cuts disposal amounts and costs by as much as 20%
  • Durability is greater than both Olivine and silica sands, which leads to less breakdown, reduced dust and the need for system make up
  • Contains no free silica and approved as environmentally safe

Olivine Sand Alternative

Green Diamond foundry sand is a reliable alternative to traditional green sand or olivine sand. It’s mined and sourced in the United States and is silica free. The quality of the castings are superior when using Green Diamond.

What is Green Diamond Foundry Sand?

Green Diamond foundry sand is technically an Olivine sand that has been processed by melting, then granulated by quenching in water. It has the same advantages as natural Olivine, which is no free silica and low thermal expansion. This minimizes, or eliminates expansion defects, and reacts basic, rather than acidic like silica sand.

It is a tougher grain that breaks down approximately 60% less, producing fewer fines along with dust. This reduces the need for new sand additions to offset the fines buildup.

It chills the metal less rapidly, allowing the pouring temperature to be reduced by 30-50 degrees F. This gives a better finish and is less abusive to sand, again reducing the need for new sand additions.

It has a lower bulk density, which means you get more molds or cores per ton of sand, and it has a higher permeability. Also, the shakeout is better with no-bake molds and cores. Disposal costs are less because you get more cubic feet per ton, and you pay by the ton.

It has no loss on ignition, which means that it cannot give you pitting defects, or gas, as can be seen with some of the natural Olivines.

We produce a wide range of sizes to meet the requirements of the different foundries. We can make custom sizing as well.

Green Diamond Sand is available as either clean or dry sand, or as pre-mulled sand, which is mulled up with all of the additives specified by the customer. The pre-mulled sand is shipped only in 2,000 lb. jumbo bags.

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