Green Diamond Sand Benefits

Distinct Advantages of Green Diamond Shell Sand
Recyclability/Reclamation – Green Diamond Shell Sand can be utilized as a molding sand, without the need to discard to a landfill.
Better finish, virtually no thermal expansion (decrease machining time, increase tooling life)
Eliminate silica contamination/no free silica
Faster cure times/lower box temperatures
Reduction of overall shell sand used/Easier shake-out


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The First Blasting Robot That Does Not Need To Be Programmed

The Future of Blasting

The Alpha 1 autonomous blasting robot by SABRE offers a new groundbreaking way to abrasive blast. It incorporates a six-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) robotic arm equipped with a 3D sensor that can scan, map, and blast complex environments, removing the human operator from the work space.

The ALPHA1 by SABRE was created for use in the field on industrial sites by blasters and painters who have NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE with robotics.

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Alpha 1 Information

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Robotic Blasting Cabinets

Robotic Wet Blasting

Midvale Industries Offers Local Delivery

Midvale Industries offers cost effective fast local delivery in St. Louis and Tulsa area.  We have our own delivery trucks that to help save you time and money on local deliveries.

We also work with local carriers that throughout the country to help with time sensitive shipments out of many warehouses spreadout throughout the country.

Midvale also contracts with national carriers for large shipments and long distance routes.  Learn more Midvale and our services here and the industries we serve here.

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Breakthroughs in Soda Blasting Formulations and Equipment

Breakthroughs in Soda Blasting Formulations and Equipment

New Cabinet Technology

One of the disadvantages with soda blasting in a cabinet has always been visibility.  Soda is dusty and without a cabinet that can move air through it quickly (especially near the viewing window), visibility can be challenging.  Clemco Industries has released their High Performance Bicarbonator System (the video above was shot in this cabinet).  In the video above even at 80 PSI visibility is not a problem like it has been in the past particularly at higher pressures.  The cabinet has unique features including its Clearview high ventilation technology that evacuates the media out of the cabinet before dust clouds can build up in it.  There are modifications to the blast pot to keep media agitated to prevent it from clumping up if moisture gets in the system from compressed air.

Soda Blasting Formulations

Not all baking soda is equal!  Midvale offers Armex made by Church and Dwight the premier sodium bicarbonate for blasting.  We have partnered with Armex, to offer our customers high quality soda that is sized for consistency and because multiple formulations are available for specific applications and industrial conditions. Formulations include those with flow agents where humidity is a concern, larger crystal formulations for more aggressive products, and blends with aluminum oxide for particular automotive remanufacturing applications.

Advantages of Soda Blasting

  • Soda blasting has always been a good option for the automotive parts remanufacturing industry.  Some of the advantages of using baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) for blasting are as follows.
  • Soda is non-destructive to most surfaces because it is softer than the surface substrate but harder than the coating or containment (grease, carbon, etc) it is removing
  • Crack detention is made easier because it does not fold metal edges over cracks when blasting
  • Unlike other abrasive that can get trapped in small passages in a part and later cause part failure, baking soda dissolves in liquids and can be circulated through the part without damage
  • It preserves the surface integrity and dimensional integrity of the part
  • Works well in wet blasting system, enabling it to wash the part without the use of potential harsh solvents and chemicals